Meet our Kitchen

Let's brunch is a new food concept that combines International brunch recipes and culinary talent with high-quality ingredients, all delivered straight to your door with the tap of a button. We believe great food shouldn’t be so hard to come by. That’s why we removed the barriers, made dishes we’re passionate about, and ensured it was easier than ever for you to start brunching at home.

Andrea TassistroFounder

Food blogger at The Food Detective, always looking for new cooking technics and recipes Andrea decided to launch Let's Brunch right after the sale of its first venture "The Green Van Company"

Andrea Tassistro

Clementine BittarEvent Manager

Clementine AKA Chikoréé is in charge of our next event. She will also take care of customers relations making sure your food arrives hot and tasty at home

Clementine Bittar

Event Manager
Gabriele TassistroPancake Master

Gab studies hospitality management at EHL. Dynamic and passionate about breakfasts Gabriele will be taking care of every organizationals aspects in the kitchen of

Gabriele Tassistro

Pancake Master
Marine LefebvreCreative

Marine is the creative head behind our logo, website, menu and more. In love with photography & design Marine AKA MARRR studies artistic direction at CREA.

Marine Lefebvre

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