Organising lunch for the team? Need food for thought at a meeting? Our corporate brunch team whose mission is to take the hassle out of doing just that. Just get in touch and we'll take care of it.

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Our Brunch Baskets

Order one of our gourmet Brunch Baskets with breakfast treats and share it with everyone you love !

Inside our sturdy brunch basket is everything required for a stellar meal. Including some of our best products such as ricotta hotcakes, forever lost brioches, eggs, pancakes, products from the bakery like cakes or croissants and of course our juices and smoothies that are freshly pressed in the morning before being delivered

Choose Here

The Cure

The Cure

25 CHF

1 Egg Florentine
1 Bircher Museli
1 Fruit Salad
1 Juice

Made for two

Made for Two

52 CHF

6 Pancakes
1 Egg Benedict
1 Egg Royal
1 Chocolate Cake
1 Fruit Salad
2 Juices

Family First

Family First

75 CHF

Eggs 1 Ben / 1Flo
8 Pancakes
4 Lost Brioches
2 Pain au choc
2 Croissants
2 Sugar Loafs
3 Juices

Big Brunch

Big Brunch

270 CHF

6 Eggs (Choose)
20 Ricotta Hotcakes
5 Fruit Salad
4 Avocado on toast
5 Pain au Choc
5 Croissants
3 Sugar Loafs
2 Cheesecakes
5 Juices


The average order takes minutes to be delivered.

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    Find Us

    We are located in Geneva at the moment.


    35 Rue de Graman
    1241, Puplinge
    Phone: +41 78 657 12 11

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday Contact Us
Saturday : 10AM to 3PM
Sunday : 9AM to 6PM
Events Contact Us

About Us

Letsbrunch.ch reflects the spirit we like to think of an International Brunch menu, combined with great swiss precision: tasty, on time and generous.

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